Monday, August 16, 2010

The Star Wars Daily Strips - Planet of Kadril

Today we see the start of Planet of Kadril, the first of the post Manning storylines. Helming the story is Russ Helm also known as Archie Goodwin of Marvel Star Wars with Alfredo Alcala as artist.

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  1. I'm responding a little late to this, but it's a misconception that Russ Helm is a pseudonym for Archie Goodwin. Not sure how it started, but it's been refuted several places. (See Mark Evanier's blog,, where he lobbied to have it corrected on Goodwin's wikipedia page). I'm not the type to correct folks, mostly, but I made the mistake of believing this myself because it was printed on Wookieepedia (even though some Wookieepedia entries also contradict it -