Friday, July 16, 2010

The Frozen World of Ota - originally published July 11th, 1980


  1. 7/11 was a Friday in 1980. so at the rate these are being posted, this means only 30 more strips to go in this story (last one was 8/10/80). can't wait until the final one to see how this ends (I don't have the dark horse comics' reprints yet).

  2. The sad end of an era.

    I'll read the Alfredo Alcala strips, but without the joy or devotion to Russ Manning. Manning captured something special...

    But finally, after two Alcala stories, come the Goodwin / Williamson collaborations. I've read them many times, own them in several formats, and I'm *still* looking forward to seeing them again. Especially the Sundays, many (most?) of which I've never seen in color.

    Enjoying the ride. Looking forward to what comes. And thanks for posting these bits of history.