Monday, July 12, 2010

The Frozen World of Ota - originally published July 7th, 1980

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  1. "Thank the maker!" that I get to read these. so keep posting 'em. "you're my only hope" of getting a daily re-dose of these, with the exception of Dark Horse comics' reprints; but they colorized the dailies. I used to read and clip out the strips along with the weapon files. so I recently began tracking them down and so far, I found most of them here. the only strips that DH did not reprint were "planet of kadril" and "the kashyyyk depths" (I found "planet of kadril" on TFN). they did reprint "the constancia affair" in a special comic, but it was truncated. so I'm glad I don't have to track down and buy that one since the original is here. guess I'm the only one so far to have commented. so keep up the posts! "may the force be with you".