Sunday, November 29, 2009

Princess Leia, Imperial Servant - originally published November 25th, 1979


  1. Hello. I love what you're doing with this site, getting all the original newspaper scans is like impossible anywhere else. Since you probably have all of them, I was wondering if you could give me the starting dates for each of the arcs. You've started 4 of the arcs already, which gives me the dates for the first 4, but Wookieepedia doesn't have dates for the rest, and you probably do. If you'd give me the starting dates for all of them that would be a tremendous help. Here's all the ones I need:

    The Constancia Affair -- March 11, 1979
    Gambler's World -- March 12, 1979
    The Kashyyyk Depths -- July 15, 1979
    Tatooine Sojourn -- September 10, 1979
    Princess Leia, Imperial Servant -- November 7, 1979
    The Second Kessel Run
    Bring Me the Children
    As Long As We Live...
    The Frozen World of Ota
    Planet of Kadril
    Han Solo at Stars' End
    The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell
    Darth Vader Strikes
    The Serpent Masters
    Deadly Reunion
    Traitor's Gambit
    The Night Beast
    The Return of Ben Kenobi
    The Power Gem
    Revenge of the Jedi
    Doom Mission
    Race for Survival
    The Paradise Detour
    A New Beginning
    The Final Trap

    Again, I just need the dates for the first strip.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, here you go:

    The Second Kessel Run -- January 1st, 1980
    Bring Me the Children -- February 26th, 1980
    As Long As We Live... -- April 22nd, 1980
    The Frozen World of Ota -- June 17th, 1980
    Planet of Kadril -- August 11th, 1980
    Han Solo at Stars' End -- October 6th, 1980
    The Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell -- February 9th 1981
    Darth Vader Strikes -- April 20th, 1981
    The Serpent Masters -- July 27th, 1981
    Deadly Reunion -- November 2nd, 1981
    Traitor's Gambit -- January 4th, 1982
    The Night Beast -- March 8th, 1982
    The Return of Ben Kenobi -- May 17th, 1982
    The Power Gem -- July 26th, 1982
    Iceworld -- October 4th, 1982
    Revenge of the Jedi -- November 15th, 1982
    Doom Mission -- January 24th, 1983
    Race for Survival -- April 18th, 1983
    The Paradise Detour -- July 11th, 1983
    A New Beginning -- October 3rd, 1983
    Showdown -- December 26th, 1983
    The Final Trap -- February 6th, 1984

  3. Hey wow, I didn't actually expect you to give all the dates! This fills up a lot of holes on Wookieepedia. Are you sure Traitor's Gambit and Doom Mission have the right dates though? Wookieepedia has February 4, and January 23 for these, respectively. I'll change them if they're wrong, but I want to be sure.